Why Use Real Estate Agents?


As an experienced Broker with decades of experience and supervising BILLIONS of dollars in real estate transactions some things are well known axioms in the real estate industry.


Some New Orleans real estate agents are outstanding listing agents but do not enjoy handling Buyers.  Some agents love working with Buyers but don’t enjoy handling listings. Some agents are outstanding at marketing listings in one area or particular price range but not in others.   Some agents are terrific with first time home buyers.  Some agents   have the patience and experience to deal with difficult underwriters at mortgage companies and banks. Some agents are very experienced with not well publicized local or national mortgage programs for certain types of borrowers or real estate. Some agents can   help find programs with lower monthly payments that other agents may not be aware of. Some agents are so busy that   they don’t have sufficient time to deliver the intense personal hand holding that may be needed.  Some agents are terrific negotiators. You don’t want to use an agent that can’t hold their own in a tough negotiation. Some agents have developed a “Team” approach employing other agents to do the things they don’t enjoy doing or do not have the time to do.  Some agents are highly experienced handling relocating transferees and their relocation company policies. Some agents go so far “above and beyond” that their service is legendary. Some agents are a delight to work with by other agents. (Nothing drops through the cracks, they are easy to work with and they make the entire transaction smooth as silk for everyone.)  Some agents are extremely “high tech” and others still don’t use e-mail! (That does not make them bad agents. Some Buyers and Sellers don’t use e-mail either and prefer personal calls or visits.) Some agents are great at investment properties. Some are great at handling commercial properties. Some Buyers and Sellers use an agent simply because they are related.  It may be hard to talk about your personal and confidential information or fire them if they aren’t doing things well.  An agent may have been recommended to you or were recommended by another person who was happy with them.  That is a great testimonial!  However, for the reasons above, did the person who referred the agent have the same real estate needs you have?

We think you get the picture….