Selling a Home In Greater New Orleans

Selling your house can be a daunting task.  There are many steps involved in a successful real estate sale.  Moveopia is here to walk you through the process.


The first step is to do some research on your property.  Moveopia Real Estate can be a great resource for this part of the process since we use not only public data but we also pull the direct MLS data so you know you know you are seeing the entire picture.  Upon creating a Moveopia account, we can now show with you additional information such as Sold Properties and tons of other real estate data usually reserved for only agents and appraisers.

There are many data points that are important to the sale of a property, but the first thing you should do is look at sold properties in the last 180 days.  These homes are what is called “Comps”.  Comps stands for “comparables” and are used to give an opinion of value to a property.   You will want to limit your search to homes similar to your own and in the same or very similar neighborhood.  The recent sold properties should be similar in size (living and total square footage).  They should be about the same age, be in a similar condition, have the same number of bedrooms and baths and have a similar set of amenities.  Moveopia simplifies this for you with our Moveopia Comps Search.  Our Moveopia Comps Search lets you put in the details of your house, and see results of sold properties that could be used as a Comp.  Keep in mind, in many instances the “Sales Price” for a home may include closing costs or other costs that were paid by the seller.  This can potentially inflate the Sales Price of your comps.

You will also want to search for Active Listings around your home.  This will give you some insight on the level of competition for your home sale and show you what homes have not sold yet.  Keep in mind, if the home is still For Sale, that property gives you an example of what is NOT selling and for what price.

There are many statistical data point that are crucial to the sale of a home.  Upon logging in to Moveopia, you will have access to all of the same statistics that appraisers and real estate agents use.  Some of the real estate statistics you will want to pay close attention to are, sales price to list price ratio, sales price to original list price,  average dollar per square foot for Active and Sold properties, days on the market, Average Price , Median Price and percentage change over last year.  For a full description of real estate statistics and what they mean, please visit our real estate dictionary of terms.

Find an Agent

About 93% of all residential real estate is sold with a real estate agent.  A real estate agent will be needed if you want to put your house in the MLS---the Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS is a database of all listed and sold homes (by real estate agents) in the area.  All real estate agents are not created equal and that is why Moveopia has created Agent Match.  Moveopia Agent Match is a tool that looks at the details of your home and selects the best agent for you based off of our proprietary algorithm.  Click the Moveopia Agent Match to get started.

Get Your Home Ready To Sell

One important step in selling your house is getting the home ready to sell.   You will want the home to have a great first impression, so be sure to keep the yard neat and tidy.  You may want to do some landscaping for added curb appeal.  Landscaping can be the most cost effective way to make your home more appealing to the purchaser.  Make sure that small cosmetic issues have been taken care of such as pressure washing, touch up paint, carpet cleaning and making sure the windows all have screens.  Ask your real estate agent before any major upgrades as they may or may not add direct value to your home.

You will want to declutter you house prior to officially having it placed on the market.  Decluttering the home provides a much more open feeling and makes the home seem larger.  Box up as much as you can and place the boxes in the garage or mini-storage.  You also want the potential buyer to be able to visualize themselves in your home.  To do this, you will want to remove many personal effects such as family pictures.  One good rule of thumb is to remove everything in the house with eyes. If you have pictures with eyes in them, they should come down, if you have a statue or paintings that have eyes, they should all be removed.  Try to make the home feel neutral and not already personalized.  Smell is also extremely important for a positive showing.  You don’t want to overwhelm the house with a particular scent but make sure to rid the home of any potential animal or smoke odors. Brighten up the home with hi-wattage light bulbs and open windows.  Make sure to open the blinds and let the sunshine in for a bright showing.    Last thing is always have the home ready to show.  Try to avoid long periods of time before you let someone in to view the house.  This is important as home buyers have many options for their valuable time and if you require 24 hour’s notice, they may find what they are looking for today!

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