How To Sell Your Home

There are several ways to sell your home.

For Sale by Owner

You do all the work.  However, you may elect to pay a commission to a real estate agent who brings you a Buyer if you sign an agreement with the Buyer’s Agent.  It is common that many For Sale by Owners eventually work through a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent. Remember, however that the Buyer’s Agent does not work for you. They have a fiduciary duty to work in the Buyer’s best interests – not yours.  An excellent resource for Louisiana Agency Law regarding licensees can be found here.


Use a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker

A real estate Agent or Broker may or may not be a Realtor®.  This is a very important distinction. At Moveopia Real estate we only recommend the use of Realtors® when using a real estate agent to represent you!

Use a Real Estate Agent who is a REALTOR®.

A Realtor® is required to abide by a very strictly enforced Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Penalties may be imposed   including expulsion as a Realtor member if these standards are not followed. However, expulsion from the Realtor® Community does not mean they cannot still list and sell real estate.  It does mean that the National Association of Realtors® will not be able to discipline or fine the agent for future bad behavior or practices. Only the State Real Estate Commission   can then be counted on for redress regarding illegal or unethical activities. 

Realtors® are REQUIRED to co-operate with each other. Non Realtors® are not required to co-operate with other real estate agents but may elect to do so.