Buying a Home in New Orleans Area

Whether you are a first time home buyer or real estate investor, Moveopia Real Estate has the tools you need to buy a home in the New Orleans area or any other type of real estate. We update our databases with information that helps you make your buying decision easier. By providing information to the buyer online helps make our agent's job easier and shortens the buying time frame. Its a WIN/WIN for every one!

Using our years of experience building online portals, we gather data for the New Orleans area, do the number crunching, and help you make a smart decision on your next home.

We Provide Data that is updated hourly!

  • Download from the MLS every 10 minutes
  • Gather Neighborhood Data
  • Show Open Houses Information
  • Download crime statistics and detail incidents
  • Download tax information when available
  • Sales information from MLS and Clerk of Courts
  • Environmental Information
  • People Information
  • School Information
  • Map and Area Information

And we continue to add more data to our system to give you more complete information than any other real estate site online.

Moveopia makes buying a home as painless as possible. Lets get started with a few easy steps.
  • Get Your Credit Report

    Before you even think of contacting a Lender however the following advice is of paramount importance: Run a free credit report on yourself! Use the Federal Trade Commission’s government website at There is no need to use any other credit reporting service at this stage of your real estate journey for the best mortgage. It is a truly a FREE credit report and does NOT count against your credit rating (FICO score) like others do. Each time a credit inquiry is performed it can negatively impact your credit score even if you are not applying for credit! The Government allows you run your credit report for free every 12 months. Knowing what is on your credit report -and your actual credit score - allows you to correct errors on your report using free online tools and advice to get your credit score raised BEFORE you visit a Lender. Providing a copy of your report to each Lender you visit and then shopping rates makes you a much more valuable Borrower and you can command better rates and fees. Think of the alternative: What happens if you contact 4 Lenders and each runs a new credit inquiry on you? Get My Free Credit Report
  • Get Pre-Approved

    To help you determine what size house you can afford,, Moveopia recommends that you get yourself prequalified prior to starting your search from a lender. Moveopia provides a simple tool to give you an estimate on how much house you can afford by clicking Prequalify Me.

  • Find Your Perfect Neighborhood

    Moveopia gives you access to all of the sold properties too, so you can see what other, similar homes are selling for. We also provide detailed information about a neighborhood, including crime statistics, schools, and other key information to help in your decision. Search Neighborhoods.

  • Search For Your Home

    Moveopia has one of the largest databases in the area for real estate. Utilizing every possible resource to keep the information accurate and up to date, we make your home search simple and efficient. Utilizing our tools, you can track your listings and get alerts on changes. Search Listings.