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  • We Know Real Estate Technology

    Moveopia founders are pioneers in online real estate technology and know how to get you the right information in your home buying or selling process.

  • We Show ALL Solds within 15 minutes of being posted in the MLS!

    All data is updated within minutes, and we don’t rely on 3rd parties to get our information. Our proprietary system comes from years of real estate data management.

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    You don’t have time to constantly check for updates or changes in a listing or neighborhood. Let our system push information to you. Get daily, weekly, or monthly updates on such things as price changes, new listings in a neighborhood, or statistics.

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    We work with the best local real estate agents & brokers in the area you are interested in buying or selling. We use “Big Data” to analyze, review, and select who can best help you sell your home or buy your dream home. We provide the most complete data online to streamline your search, when you are ready to buy or sell, we know the perfect person to make it happen, FAST!