About Moveopia Real Estate

Our CEO, Arthur Sterbcow, CCIM, CRB, CRS, GRI has over 37 years of experience in the real estate Industry and is nationally and internationally recognized as a Broker technology pioneer and Consultant.   Mr. Sterbcow first put all of his firm’s real estate listings on the Internet in 1988 (not a typo…. 1988!)  He and his technology teams headed by Moveopia CIO, Carlo MacDonald, a 15 year veteran in Real Estate technology, have stayed on the cutting edge and crest of Internet technologies and capabilities. Few had ever heard of Windows, Microsoft or Apple in 1988. UNIX computer programming was the backbone of the Internet in those days.  It was used primarily for educational and military purposes at the time. As one of the first (if not the first!) real estate Broker in the country to put listings on the Internet, he received many disparaging comments about “misusing the Internet for commercial purposes!”    Those comments are hard to believe now but   as a “Pioneer” he took a lot of arrows but persevered! His Internet pioneering efforts were featured in USA Today. Beginning the Internet journey with UNIX programming and now using the most advanced technologies available we have always been in the forefront of using cutting edge technologies to help people buy and sell homes.  We are regularly consulted by leading real estate companies and organizations in the United States and Internationally for our expertise, technology and research. Our core development team, led by Moveopia lead developer, Reggie Jenkins, has developed our proprietary real estate platform to help bring real estate buyers, sellers, agents and brokers together, in one place, on one platform, with one goal, using the "Science of Real Estate™" to find the right home for our customer.

Moveopia Real Estate   is a unique business model to help Consumers buy   (or sell) a home at the right price with the least hassle and stress. Our Public website servicing Greater New Orleans, Louisiana consists of the most accurate and current information available for publication as allowed by Multiple Listing Systems and other sources.

However, we don’t want you to travel alone on your real estate journey.  We don’t think that simply picking a property from a web site will deliver the best possible Consumer experience for you.

Choosing the right New Orleans Real Estate Agent or Broker can be more important than choosing the right house! 
The wrong agent might lose the house you wanted, cause you to pay too much or sell for too little. The wrong agent could create economic or emotional distress for you and your family. Communication is critical. Not every agent is excellent with that aspect of service. Some agents take things for granted without verifications. Some agents may not work well with other agents which could hurt you in negotiations.  Some agents don’t routinely “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” in legally binding contracts or are unsupervised.  You could lose your dream home by seconds to someone else because of procrastination or  the agent was too busy. Buying a home is a very time sensitive transaction. You could be in a bidding war. You need objective counsel so you are not driven to an emotional or financial mistake.

We use a select network of Realtors® to serve you.  We spend a great deal of time and energy researching real estate agents in the entire region.    We identify and choose the agent for you based upon your needs.   We choose those agents that historically have delivered superlative levels of service to their Clients AND  have the time to give you their full attention.  Unlike most other real estate web sites you will not be directed back to an Agent or Broker because they pay to advertise on our site or it is the Agent or Broker’s own site.  We do not accept any form of advertising from Real Estate Agents or Brokers nor do we “sell our leads” (YOU!)  like so many other real estate web sites.  We do not refer you to a Broker who then refers you to an agent who “needs the business.” When you contact us for help we select the agent and company we feel has the best experience, qualifications and negotiating skills for the specific real estate needs you require. We do not accept agents into our proprietary network unsolicited.  As a Research and Consulting firm   we research agents thoroughly and choose the Agent that matches your real estate needs based upon what you tell us.  

We also assist Relocation Companies and Corporations with their transferee assignments. If you are a first time home buyer, move up buyer, transferee or just looking for commercial or investment property we have the specialized Agent for you with   established Brokerage relationships to insure that all activity is supervised and monitored for your protection at the highest service levels.   There is no fee to you to use our recommended Agent.  There are no fees added to your transaction.  We earn a referral fee from the Broker only if you use our recommended Agent in a successful transaction. We welcome you to interview our recommended real estate specialist for their experience, capabilities and personality. They can provide many testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients. You are under no obligation to use our Agent if you choose not to.

If you have a real estate agent that you are already working with and are comfortable with - by all means use them!
Feel free to use the unique tools on our site. If something does not work out for some reason with your agent our Moveopia Real Estate network of real estate specialists are always here for you. We recommend working with only one service minded real estate agent who wants your FUTURE business and referrals -not a single commission.

Great real estate agents appreciate loyalty and will be more focused on you and work harder knowing that they earned your trust. Our Moveopia Real Estate recommended agents are well known and respected by their fellow Realtors who enjoy working with them.

If you are unsure of what house to buy, just curious what things are selling for  or looking for a rental- then our specially built proprietary  website is designed for you.   If you have a serious buying or selling real estate need and want to have a Moveopia Real Estate recommended agent at your side throughout the entire process working in YOUR best interests – CALL US!